When we started working and blew our first glasses, we realized it was not difficult to make them perfectly symmetrical. And while we mused about that, we squeezed them a little. We wanted to throw them out just like useless plastic cups but, looking at them, it dawned on us that this was it: the glass had a different look and could not slip out of hand. A discarded plastic cup, which is of no use to anybody, but could be. So we told ourselves again: this is it. Or, this could be it. Some people won’t mind that the glass is creased. They’ll think that it’s nice because it was blown and squeezed right here in Holice, Czech Republic, and it was me or you who squeezed it. The glass is created here, at the present moment, and the impression is made by this very hand, by this very moment. We came to realize that something new was about to be born here. Everything is handmade, hand-crafted and, just like a mosquito drowned in resin in prehistoric times and turned into an amber brooch, we, too, strive to make an impression of a certain moment. When a wasp flew past while the production was underway and one of us swung their hand at it, the glass ended up being different! When one of us stumbled, the glass ended up being different again, and when the somebody coughed while working, they made something different again! We breathed differently, we squeezed differently. It was always as if the time stopped a little… like a bubble stuck deep in the the transparent creased material. A brief second… and glass… halted forever! But we make more than glasses, we blow a lot more. Just like wind!